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PRINCE2® Frequently Asked Questions

PRINCE2 Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the Most Important PRINCE2® Questions

There’s a lot to consider when you’re choosing a PRINCE2® Certification. Here, we have compiled our answers to the questions we hear most often from our clients.

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Questions About PRINCE2® Certifications

What PRINCE2® Certifications are available?

We offer PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner level certifications.

  • PRINCE2® Foundation is the starting point. You’ll gain an understanding of the PRINCE2® framework, including essential elements such as the 7 Principles, 7 Themes and 7 Processes.
  • PRINCE2® Practitioner follows on from Foundation. At Practitioner level, you learn about how PRINCE2® can be tailored and applied to projects.
Questions About PRINCE2 Certifications

How long does a PRINCE2® certification last?

The PRINCE2® Foundation certification never expires or needs to be renewed.

The Practitioner® certification must be renewed every 3 years.

How do I renew my PRINCE2® Certification?

You can renew your PRINCE2® Practitioner certification either through paid AXELOS membership, or by re-sitting the Practitioner exam.

How long does it take to get certified?

This can vary based on focus and your availability, but PRINCE2® certification can be achieved quickly when you’re really committed during a short time-frame.

To give you an idea, both Foundation and Practitioner certifications can be achieved within a week, plus pre-course reading time.

Is PRINCE2® a professional qualification?

Yes, PRINCE2® qualifications are recognised – and sometimes required – by employers in all sectors. The PRINCE2® framework is widely utilised and known for its resilience and versatility.

If you’re working as a project manager, the PRINCE2® qualifications should definitely be either on your CV or in your training plan for this year. PRINCE2® Explained in 7 Simple Tips here.

Questions About PRINCE2® Training

How do I get Certified?

Our training format includes exam and certification as part of training. Here the steps to getting certified using our format:

  1. Attend training
  2. Complete evening study during and after training
  3. Schedule and sit your online exam(s) when you’re ready
  4. Once you pass your exam, you’ll receive your certification from PeopleCert, an Examination Institute (EI) for AXELOS, the owners of PRINCE2®.

Questions About PRINCE2 Training

How much study do I need to do during the course?

As a guideline, we advise setting aside between 2 and 3 hours per night for study during training. It’s recommended to minimise any commitments on these evenings to allow for any study time needed.

What’s included in my course costs?

Our courses include almost everything you need on your journey to PRINCE2® certification.

For example, our PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course includes:

  • 5 days classroom or virtual training with an experienced PRINCE2® trainer.
  • An e-book copy of the official manual, “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®” Sixth Edition
  • Course materials, including sample exam questions.
  • PRINCE2® Foundation Exam & Certification
  • PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam & Certification

Questions About PRINCE2® Exams

When and how do I take the PRINCE2® exams?

Here are some points of information about both exams:

PRINCE2® Foundation Exam

  • This exam is held in the afternoon on Day 3 of training for classroom course.
  • Virtual course students schedule and sit their exam outside of training hours.
  • It is a 1-hour, closed-book exam.
  • The questions are multiple choice.
  • 55% or higher is required to pass this exam.

Questions About PRINCE2 Exams

PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam

  • This exam is held in the afternoon on Day 5 of the Foundation and Practitioner classroom course (which is Day 2 of the Practitioner course).
  • Virtual course students schedule and sit their exam outside of training hours.
  • It is a 2.5-hour, open book exam (using the official AXELOS PRINCE2® manual – “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® publication, Sixth Edition, AXELOS Limited, Copyright 2017” only).
  • The questions are multiple choice.
  • 55% or higher is required to pass this exam.

How much does the PRINCE2® exam cost?

We offer an inclusive solution for each of our PRINCE2® certifications. This means that your training, course materials, exam(s) and certification(s) are included in one price.

Click on the course name below to see the current price for each training option.

Any other questions?

If we haven’t addressed your most important questions above, we would love to hear from you. Our training consultants will be happy to answer any questions you have and offer advice on your PRINCE2® training and certification.

You can reach us by phone at Freephone 1800 910 810 or 01 861 0700 during business hours (mon – thurs 9.00am – 5.30pm, fri 9.00 am – 5.00pm).

Alternatively, click below to Ask A Question online, or get our detailed, PDF Brochure on PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner training and certification.

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