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PRINCE2® Certification for Your Team

PRINCE2 Certification for Your Team

What is In-House Training?

In-house training is a very popular PRINCE2® Certification option with our clients. It’s an excellent solution for those who want to train several project managers, or an entire team or department in the PRINCE2® methodology.

In-house – sometimes referred to as “in-company” or “on-site” training – is a very flexible style of training where we train your team at your location on dates chosen by you.

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It’s a highly effective form of training and a truly efficient way to train and certify busy project teams with minimum disruption to productivity.

What are the Benefits of In-House Training?

Cost-Efficient Training

1. It’s Cost-Efficient

When you have more than 3 or 4 candidates for PRINCE2® certification, in-house training is a very cost-efficient option to consider. Our in-house pricing structure is designed to provide optimum value for teams.

Tailored for Your Business

2. It Can Be Tailored

We will always cover the PRINCE2® required course materials your team need to understand the methodology and pass their exams. However, with in-house training, we can customise the content to focus on examples that encompass your working environment, making the training more relevant to your team’s working life.

Flexible Training Style

3. It has a Flexible Delivery Style

Training will be delivered exclusively to your team, and at your location. This means that you gain the advantage of flexibility when choosing the dates for training delivery. We can work around your business calendar, training on dates that don’t disrupt your busiest periods.

Consistent Skills for Your Team

4. It’s Consistent

When you train an entire team at once, they acquire the same skill-set, terminology, and level of understanding. This makes running future projects more efficient and improves the overall quality of your project work.

Optimised Training Time for Maximum Benefit

5. It Optimises the Impact of Training Time

In-house training eliminates travel costs and time for your team. Customisation increases the relevancy of training. Both of these factors ensure that the impact of training is higher, and that your team will gain maximum benefit from training.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Request an in-house training quote

When you get in touch to request a quotation, one of our experienced training consultants will contact you by phone or email (your preference) to assess your training needs.

We will then design a programme that meets your requirements, and work with you to find suitable training dates.

Step 2: Schedule and prepare for training

Once you have confirmed training dates, we will provide your team with pre-course familiarisation reading so that they can prepare for training.

Step 3: Training delivery, exams and certification

Our PRINCE2® trainer will come to your location to deliver your chosen programme to the team. Training will include sample questions and exam preparation. Exams will be taken during training.

Our PRINCE2 In-House Training Process

What In-House PRINCE2® Certification Options are Available?

We have 3 options for in-house PRINCE2® Training and Certification:

  1. PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner (5 Days)
    A complete PRINCE2® solution. If you will be adopting PRINCE2® for the bulk of your projects in future, this is the very best option to set your team up for smooth-running projects and success.
  2. PRINCE2® Foundation (3 Days)
    As the name suggests, this option covers a foundational knowledge of the PRINCE2® methodology, and the exam and certification at Foundation level. Recommended as a first step if you’re introducing PRINCE2® gradually.
  3. PRINCE2® Practitioner (2 Days)
    This course is perfect for teams that have recently achieved Foundation level certification (based on the official AXELOS manual, “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® publication, Sixth Edition, AXELOS Limited, Copyright 2017”).

How Can I Organise PRINCE2® Training & Certification for My Team?

The fastest way to get started on organising an in-house PRINCE2® training and certification for your team is to get in touch with us.

You can request a quote by clicking below, or call us on Freephone 1800 910 810 to chat about the right fit for your team’s certification. To get more information about our most popular course, PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification, click the “Get PDF Brochure” button below.

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